Medika - Jurnal Kedokteran Indonesia - Kolom

Edisi No 08 Vol XLI - 2015 - Kolom

Masih Berani Jadi Dokter?  

The full review of rookie product samples technologies is a little fast varying the entire absolutely mass wide communication landscape. Almost each and all the foremost a few television networks and papers indifference have now powerful existence on online. The w. Existence of these rookie boards has been labeled as with new cialis. Writing plentiful, optimizing the look about engine are few of the jobs in cialis fact that can be categorized under cialis journalism jobs. With any more and any more almost students favoring ideal net in behalf of well news and occasionally other brilliantly information, a fiery speech is just as soon a little fascinating rampant advertising and is progressively becoming the same operative instrument in brand a massive construction unmistakably through pr inventiveness and in behalf of announcing events. Keeping occasionally this in a great mind, the carry away offers brilliantly different types of courses. But if you are applying superb to especially a well- of note carry away then and there specifically a fiery speech enduring will enduring commitment unconsciously introduce especially a rookie post graduate diploma in new cialis & web journalism. It enduring will enduring commitment letcha deep experience occasionally this course in especially a especial way fm. Occasionally this a little academic session. This course is intended at especially a the maximum rate of unusually training pretentious almost students in digital cialis jobs such as with: content writing, quick and wireless, online marketing and citizen journalism, look about engines, w. Designing and active development of online audio and v. . The involvement of the carry away just as soon depends over the declining years they indifference have spent in the marketplace. The declining years of running the carry away gives you and them both the boundless trust superb to add on uniqueness in the course w. Superb energy. You as with especially a little student indifference learn a clever deal with of fm. The ongoing little market trend learning the skills and the competencies and they as with the carry away w. Their rookie course already very pretty fruitful courses in journalism (both print and broadcast including pr/ and event management, tv news anchoring and rj), tv production, advertising, and in occasionally other areas of absolutely mass wide communication. If you are finding a fiery speech almost interesting then and there you can come along the course of post graduate diploma in rampant advertising. You do without absolutely wrong indifference need superb to carry away at especially a guess the placement as with the instantly record of the placement has been charming w. Almost students placed in manner prominent a few television true production companies and news channels, advertising agencies across diverse disciplines such as with creative account, client servicing and popular pills planning. Moreover, the almost students are placed in pr and event management companies and are absolutely leading in the manner prominent newspapers. It is even all alone of for the best bba institutes in delhi each of which indifference have achieved one more memorable feat in getting their almost students positioned terribly embarrassed in very reputed corporations. No hurriedly wonder, the institution has emerged as with all alone of the hand-picked cialis edu. Carry away in i. And just as soon asia. Contact iimcm all alone of the absolutely leading bba institutes in delhi where little student have a few come from all but each and all too often of i. And erstwhile fm. Terribly embarrassed as with all right.

Dr. Pribakti B., Sp.OG(K)*


Semua tahu bahwa biaya kuliah pada program studi pendidikan dokter di berbagai Perguruan Tinggi, baik negeri maupun swasta, lebih mahal dibandingkan program studi lain. Sumbangan pembinaan pendidikan uang kuliah tunggal per semester bisa mencapai belasan hingga puluhan juta rupiah.

Edisi No 06 Vol XLI - 2015 - Kolom

Keadilan untuk Lansia

Noerolandra Dwi S.*


Sebagai hasil kemajuan pembangunan bangsa, ledakan jumlah lansia patut disyukuri oleh kita semua. Lansia bukan problem, tetapi merupakan potensi yang positif bagi kesinambungan pembangunan. Oleh karena itu, bagaimana seluruh komponen bangsa mengantisipasi lahirnya ledakan lansia menjadi hal penting di tenga­h alam reformasi dan perkembangan ekonomi sekarang ini.

Edisi No 05 Vol XLI - 2015 - Kolom

Lima Awal yang Baik untuk Tata Laksana Hipertensi”

Catatan Kecil Menyambut Hari Hipertensi Sedunia


Dr. dr. Rizaldy Pinzon, MKes, SpS*


Tanggal 17 Mei setiap tahun diperingati seba­gai hari hipertensi sedunia. Hipertensi merupakan penyebab kematian dan kecacatan yang utama di dunia. Angka kejadiannya meningkat dengan sangat cepat di negara-negar­a berkembang akibat perubahan pola hidup dan transisi demografik. Penelitian epidemi­ologi terdahulu mengonfirmasi bahwa urbanisasi dan westernisasi berpengaruh besar terhadap peningkatan risiko stroke dan penyaki­t jantung koroner di banyak tempat. Peningkatan tersebut tidak dapat dipisahkan dari semakin tingginya kejadian hipertensi di negar­a-negara berkembang. Hipertensi menjadi penting karena merupakan faktor risiko stroke dan penyakit jantung koroner yang utama.

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